R-Book 7

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The R-Book (R=reception) is an essential guide for the DTT and Satellite industries providing support for transitions such as 700 MHz clearance and changing times.

The previous version, R-Book 6 was released in 2015 and provided a thorough overview of DTT installation systems, as well as best practice guidelines and an overview of future UHF spectrum changes. In order to provide guidance on how these changes could impact digital television reception, The DTG and Confederation of Aerial Industries Ltd (CAI) have worked in partnership to bring the R-Book up to date.


Divided into two main areas: spectrum and installation practices, the R-Book provides a clear practical insight which has been prepared and reviewed by industry experts. Specific topics within the R-Book include an overview of UHF spectrum use, interference management, aerial and amplifier information, measurement best practice and a satellite installation overview.  


The latest version of the R-Book was published in April 2017 and in addition to the topics above, new sections have been added providing the latest information on:

  • 700 MHz clearance including rollout maps, key dates, potential impact to consumers and industry and details of the changes taking place;
  • Wideband LNB and dSCR satellite systems for Sky Q installations; and
  • The Radio Equipment Directive giving details on what it is, what the impact is to retailers and manufacturers, and how to comply.


R-Book cover

Feedback from our users

The R-Book provides the industry with a thorough overview of the requirements for installing DTT receiver systems, which ultimately means our viewers get the highest-quality viewing experience.
Jonathan Thompson
CEO, Digital UK

The DTG’s R-Book is truly superb reference material. I personally found it drew me in and educated me. This book has become one of our industry’s scarce and therefore valuable resource manuals.
Tim Jenks
Senior Executive, CAI


The R-Book and the R-Book pocket guide can be downloaded free of charge from the DTG website here.