DTG Procedure for Assignment of URNs

A five step internal DTG procedure for assigning URNs is detailed below. A URN containing a new NSS string will only be registered on the DTG website when all steps have been successfully completed.

Step 1: DTG TV working group member identifies requirement for new URN - Rationale

[Internal note: Groups other than CTV may also want to register XML namespaces, e.g. SI, MHEG]

A member of a working group, e.g. the Connected TV Metadata group, identifies the rationale for a new URN (“URN:NID:NSS”) for a specific set of XML files required.

Step 2: DTG TV working group or member proposes the NSS part of the new URN - Proposition

A URN string to act as the NSS part of the overall namespace required will be proposed by a member of the working group, an example covering the content metadata above may be “metadata”.

Step 3: DTG TV working group agree new URN (requirement and naming) Group Agreement

[Internal note: agree implies some discussion]

The working group will discuss and agree the required overall namespace (“URN:NID:NSS”), for example “urn:dtg:metadata” based on the example above.

Step 4: DTG TV working group requests approval from Technical Council for new URN TC approval

The requested namespace string will be posted to the DTG Technical Council with a justification for the request. If successful the registration within DTG will be completed (step 5). If not successful the working group must reconsider either the requirement or the naming proposed.

Step 5: DTG Technical Administrator updates DTG URN Register on website – publicly available location on DTG website

The updated DTG URN Register will be uploaded to the public Publications page of the DTG website by the DTG Technical Administrator; /industry/DBook_Resources/URN/register.html