D-Book registered DVB values

D-Book 7 Part A

SI Descriptors

Descriptor Values
network_id 0x3001 ... 0x3100
data_broadcast_id (see MHEG5 UKPROFILE [94])0x0106
data_broadcast_id (Engineering Channel)0x0111
encoding_type_id values (compressed strings)0x01, 0x02
data_broadcast_id (Remote Record Booking Section 8.16)0x0170


ID/Range MHP_Organisation_Operator
0x00000170 - 0x00000170 Digital TV Group

D-Book 7 Part B


ID/Range AIT_Description AIT_Operator
0x71 - 0x71 Connected TV Digital TV Group

Application Type

Application code type value Role
0x0008 For MHEG Applications
0x0010 For applications that are conformant with the subset of XHTML defined by TS 102 796
0x0012 For HTML applications compliant with this specification but which are not compatible with TS 102 796