Late last week, we held the inaugural meeting of our new Technical Steering Group. A new working group for the DTG, the Technical Steering Group aims to direct the innovation and technical sustainability of digital TV in the UK.  The group will co-ordinate the activities of Technical Experts Forums to ensure interoperability and support the DTG Council in their strategic vision. The group’s first task will be to review key areas of strategic focus.

The Technical Steering Group is chaired by Orpheus Warr, Chief Technology Officer for Channel 4, and facilitated by our Strategic Technologist, Yvonne Thomas. Members of the group come from across the TV landscape. Each has several years of experience and will provide valuable input to ensure that the UK remains a leader in digital TV innovation. They are as follows:

  • Brian Edwards, Senior Manager Research and Strategy, Sony
  • Chris Johns, Chief Engineer, Sky
  • Jon Piesing, Director of Standardisation, TP Vision
  • Justin Gupta, Head of Broadcast and Entertainment, Google
  • Mark Evans, Technical Adviser, Digital UK
  • Nigel Prankard, Senior Manager IPTV and DTV, Panasonic
  • Peter Kocic, Executive Director of European Technology, Warner Bros
  • Phil Layton, Head of Broadcast and Connected Systems, BBC
  • Richard Moreton, Business Development and Industrial Affairs, Samsung
  • Simon Gauntlett, Director of Imaging Technology, Dolby
  • Simon Jones, IPTV Architect, BT
  • Stuart Savage, Director of EU Innovation and R&D, LG
  • Tony Mattera, Technical Solutions Director, Arqiva

The focuses of the Technical Steering Group will have some crossovers with our upcoming report, State of the Nation: UK Digital Television Innovation 2020, which also takes a view on where digital television technology is heading. The report will look at what has made the UK a global frontrunner in technology and what will help it to maintain its position.


9 Jun 2020