DTG welcomes Ofcom’s consultation on The Future of Public Service Media released today.  

In an age of unprecedented and accelerated change in the television, media and consumer electronics sector, a strong framework for future growth is critical if we are to secure the UK’s world-leading position. 

We look forward to collaborating with Ofcom and industry to build on the universal deployment of PSB requirements in digital televisions set out in the D-Book. In doing so we will ensure the universal availability of PSB services across all devices.  

Protecting consumer choice and sustaining an open and competitive market is essential if we are to embrace new technologies and the resultant capabilities that advance almost exponentiallyThere is almost nothing today’s technology cannot do.   

As this unprecedented year draws to a close, we are confident that industry will embrace this, once in a generation, opportunity to work with Ofcom to shape the television eco-system of the future. 

Getting it right will secure a world-class experience for UK consumers, from our world-leading UK industry sector.  


8 Dec 2020