In so many ways television has been the glue that held our society together in what proved to be a year of unprecedented challenge and change. From educating kids, to helping with our physical and mental wellbeing, it kept us together, safe and informed throughout 2020. And despite the economic and practical challenges in our sector, TV sales grew by 30% and more people watched more content in more ways than ever before. 2020 has been an unprecedented year and, as ever, a very busy and productive one for DTG: the inaugural State of the Nation report, our cyber security scheme and Future Vision, our very first virtual DTG Summit.

So, after a year when no one could question the importance and value of UK television, 2021 will be a once in a generation opportunity to work with industry, Government and Ofcom to shape the “television” eco-system of the future.

We look forward to continuing the engaging discussions we have been a part of in 2021 and to our continued collaboration with industry to secure the best viewing experience possible for consumers. Thank you to everyone who has joined us throughout the year. On behalf of everyone at DTG, I wish you all the best for the Christmas season and a wonderful new year.


21 Dec 2020