The 5G VISTA project has successfully demonstrated the technical feasibility of using 5G FeMBMS in Phase 1, of a 3 phase implementation. The first steps in VISTA’s journey to ultimately showcase the technology’s potential to enhance the live sports event experience. 

Digital Catapult in partnership with DTG, Telefonica/O2, Rohde & Schwarz and GWS, showcased the 5G VISTA Project’s first live demo through an online session with live streams from Digital Catapult Future Network Lab. 

The session used pre-recorded content to illustrate how the technical architecture will support the different consumer and business use cases that have emerged from using 5G technologies, particularly the FeMBMS system, in the live events sector.

The demonstration featured the use of the R&S FeMBMS network-in-a-box solution to deliver broadcast content from an edge server hosted at Digital Catapult’s 5G Testbed.

The 5G VISTA project plans to provide enhanced interactive viewing experiences directly to devices in stadia and at other select locations, using a 5G broadcast technology, also known as FeMBMS: further enhanced multimedia broadcast multicast service.

Phase 2, set to take place in July 2021, will integrate live content into the set-up. This includes live cameras, video studio and necessary processing before transmission over FeMBMS. In this phase, and an App that will closely resemble the final user experience.

Phase 3, set to take place in February 2022, finally demonstrates the full end-to-end solution at a live sports event. This will include an extended FeMBMS platform installed on-site, covering the venue. The tests will run with FeMBMS capable handheld devices with the VISTA App installed. 

The £2.3 million project has received £1.3 million from the Government as part of 5G Create, a competition to support innovators exploring new uses for 5G to improve people’s lives and boost British businesses.

The result will highlight the potential for delivery of content and ways of watching, bringing about possibilities for collaborative viewing and interplay between venues meaning that watching a sporting event becomes a social occasion, even if you cannot leave the house.


26 Feb 2021