A new report from Goldsmith’s University, BAFTA’s Albert and Smart Energy GB has rated 45 of the UK’s most-watched TV shows for their sustainability credentials.



The study awarded programmes a red, amber or green rating based by identifying patterns of positive and negative eco-representations and therefore, their likelihood to influence consumer behaviour. The research looked at four specific categories:

  • Domestic and small-business appliances
  • Building characteristics
  • Green behaviours
  • Transportation

Grand Designs took the top spot for most likely to promote eco-friendly behaviours, thanks to its regular focus on sustainable building methods and materials. At the other end of the scale, Luther and Gangs of London scored lower, due in part to their inclusion of luxury cars in high speed chases.

The report recommends that, in addition to process efficiencies and carbon reduction in their own operations, content creators should consider the behaviours their characters demonstrate and advocate as a key part of their sustainability efforts.

Read the full report ‘Green on Screen’ here.


15 Mar 2021