The DTG is delighted to announce that registration for the 2021 Summit is now open.

Taking place on Thursday July 8th ‘Waves of Change’ considers the technologies that have the potential to disrupt the television industry; innovations that could change markets and create entirely new business sectors.

Economists have long recognised that profound change comes in waves, each the result of radical innovation. Mechanisation fuelled the industrial revolution, the first wave of change. Steam, electricity and mass production defined subsequent waves.

A fifth wave began with the World Wide Web, ushering in the information age. Now economists talk of a sixth wave, characterised by intelligent networks and devices, advanced automation and virtualisation, with sustainability driving new innovation.

Our 2021 virtual summit will explore three specific waves of change: the user experience, next-generation media and new distribution. Featuring pioneering innovators, cutting-edge entrepreneurs and renowned thought leaders, Waves of Change will be brought to you by a state-of-the-art streaming platform offering the latest in audience interaction and engagement.

Catch your wave. Register for your place now.


29 Apr 2021