The DTG is delighted to announce John Simmons will be giving the international keynote speech at this year’s DTG Summit – Waves of Change.

W3C Evangelist, Media & Entertainment, and Chair, CTA WAVE Content Specification Task Force, John is an industry-recognised expert on Web media standards. He drove Microsoft’s efforts to define DRM-interoperable encoding, adaptive bitrate streaming, the collaboration with Google, Comcast, Netflix and the W3C for HTML5 Media Extensions and a multi-year Apple collaboration to develop the Common Media Application Format.

John’s standards evangelism across the media and entertainment industry led to the creation of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE) project, a 60-company collaboration to adopt ISO/IEC and W3C standards for streaming media on a global scale.

John’s keynote – ‘Ripples and revolutions’ will open Waves of Change on Thursday July 8th. It will consider fundamental questions, such as why is it hard to spot the initial ripples of revolutionary change – change that can disrupt markets and create entirely new business sectors? Why do some innovation ripples peter out, while others go on to become waves? And crucially, which technologies and innovations are likely to revolutionise the future of television, and what do we need to do to prepare for this?

Waves of Change, the DTG’s 2021 flagship event, takes place on July 8th and considers the technologies that have the potential to disrupt the television industry; innovations that could change markets and models that could create entirely new business sectors.

The virtual summit explores three waves of change: the user experience, next-generation media and new distribution.

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6 May 2021