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What do you think is the biggest challenge that the television industry needs to address?
To answer this question, we need to look more broadly at consumer behaviour and the changing way people are consuming content. The TV industry needs to radically re-think how they set up and integrate their workflows and business processes. Ad revenue is now dispersed across many different channels and platforms, diluting the traditional revenue stream. Media owners can’t solely rely on TV advertising anymore and have to adapt to find new revenue opportunities.

How has the rate of change in the way content is produced, distributed and consumed enabled addressable advertising to accelerate in the UK?
The vast amount of content creation plus multiple consumer access points, fostered a perfect environment for the growth of addressable ads. Campaign effectiveness and efficiency are at the top of the list for advertisers’ campaign objectives. Addressable advertising is no longer for blue-chip brands, it also serves the needs of smaller and local brands to enter addressable at an affordable rate, this has certainly accelerated the growth of addressable ads in the UK.

Which area of innovation excites you most and why?
Like in so many industries, the use of data and AI is transforming businesses at a rapid pace. Consumers are seeing these changes in the personalised ads on their web and social platforms, it helps them make buying decisions and the influencers who resonate with them. Recent studies show that AI technology is expected to grow significantly throughout this decade. I’d love to see how AI in advertising can help organisations better segment audiences and target ads while measuring results.

What might “watching TV” look like in 2030?
With the evolution of AI in TV viewing and advertising, I can imagine a world where my children would be watching TV content suggested to them based on their interests and behaviours. Advertising would become a welcomed and uninterrupted experience where it would serve the audience’s immediate needs which they may or may not be aware of at the time of purchase.

What is your current favourite TV Show?
I’m catching up on the latest season of Peaky Blinders. I have also been dragged into watching Moon Knight on Disney+ by my husband who is a Marvel fan. I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed watching it, Oscar Isaac is fantastic in it.

What is your desert island luxury item?
I’m very practical when it comes to this type of fantasy question, therefore I don’t often offer the most fascinating answers. Assuming all basic items are covered, such as a toothbrush which would have been my first choice for a luxury item, then it would be a paintbrush and canvas. I haven’t had the time to paint for years, a desert island would make a perfect excuse and location to pick up painting again.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
This is a tough one, I tend to over-share a lot if you know me well… I love how bold and fearless I was, at the age of 18, I chose to leave a decent university in China, instead of pursuing an unalike life in the western world. Thank god, it hasn’t turned out too badly!

If you weren’t working in this sector, where would you be working?
I’d most likely be a failed artist who is trying to break through by expressing my views of the world with my paintbrush.

About Berry

Berry is a passionate advertising sales leader. She helps brands and businesses grow by integrating strategy and team performance to ensure that changes happen on a personal and a business level. She has a track record of redesigning sales strategies to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape and orchestrating multi-media brand partnerships for global clients. Berry also enjoys building lasting relationships with brands, media agencies, and sales partners.

Berry started her media career 16 years ago at Havas Media Group as a TV Buyer, having worked on clients’ pitches for Domino’s and Suzuki. Berry ventured onto the media owner’s side of the industry where she spent several years at BBC Studios and Sky, before joining A+E Networks UK, a joint venture between Sky and Hearst, with a portfolio of global media brands, such as Sky HISTORY and Crime + Investigation.

As the Director of Advertising and Brand Partnerships at A+E Networks UK, Berry leads a highly motivated media sales force across the EMEA business. She is responsible for the development and growth of A+E Networks UK’s advertising sales and brand partnerships business.


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12 Apr 2022