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Which area of innovation in television excites you the most and why?
I am excited to see what is going to be the next chapter of the “streaming wars“ and in that context, how subscale SVoDs are able to focus on cultural & language differences to reach their local audiences.

What do you think is the current biggest challenge for the UK television industry?
Fragmentation, differences of views on the importance of UK’s creative industry and global players setting the trends.

What is the one change you think is critical for the industry?
Consolidation and more collaboration to maximise the impact media and entertainment can have in our society.

What might “watching TV” look like in 2030?
For some content I think it will exactly the same as now. And probably, for others, there will be some different “universes” created!

What is your current favourite TV Show?
Just about to finish the latest season of Killing Eve – absolutely loved it!

What is your desert island luxury item?
Tons of books. Whenever I have time, I can spend hours and hours reading any good book.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I am a published author of 3 fiction books and I collaborate in press about literature and culture.

If you weren’t working in this sector, where would you be working?
I often think that if I were to start all over again, I’d train as a journalist.

About Garazi

Garazi Goia leads the Media & Entertainment business growth in EMEA for FTI Consulting. She has over 15  years of experience in the media industry having held senior roles at organizations like the BBC and Sky,  leading wide variety of projects and multi-skilled teams in different countries.

Her career has been primarily focused on business development, strategy & transformation and commercial areas across different business verticals (TV and radio broadcast, OTT/SVOD players, FTA TV platforms, content distribution, customer service)

Garazi has held Board Directorship at UK’s main non-subscription TV platforms (Freeview, Freesat, Digital UK, Youview) helping them drive the medium-term vision.


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