22nd April 2022: Fracarro has successfully submitted dSCR multi-switch products to the European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS).

Developed through an industry collaboration of satellite/DTT platforms and major equipment manufacturers, DTG Testing and CAI’s European-wide assurance scheme for TV and Satellite distribution equipment provides reassurance of end-to-end device compatibility, interoperability and robust RF performance within satellite and DTT distribution systems.

It consists of a test specification underpinned by international standards and a consumer-facing logo. Manufacturers of equipment such as receivers, dSCRs, multiswitches, fibre gateways, launch amplifiers and LNBs can display the logo on their products after successfully passing the required tests.

Leading international supplier of broadcast reception equipment, Fracarro Radioindustrie SRL has recently seen its SWI8504 and SWI8508  dSCR multiswitches pass EICS testing, demonstrating the high quality of the Fraccaro solution and compatibility with all major satellite and TV platforms.

Supported by the leading retailers, the logo allows end-users, such as installers, specifiers, housing associations and platform operators to easily identify equipment that is compatible with all major satellite and TV services; and therefore interoperable with other EICS equipment.

DTG Testing provides testing against the EICS specification at its UKAS-accredited laboratory based in London. CAI operates the scheme, including a market surveillance programme to maintain a high standard of EICS-marked equipment.


22 Apr 2022