Tell us a little bit about Netgem
Netgem TV brings the content streaming super-aggregator model to life for operators and ISPs through our core values. Value, choice, simplicity.

Netgem TV delivers a unique and unified experience across TV and mobile, offering access to the best digital TV, music and video streaming services across the biggest names in local broadcasters and global content players.

What’s the most exciting project coming up for Netgem?
We’re excited to deliver the next generation of TV aggregation service, even more relevant in this time of wallet crunch: Stream big, spend small.

We bring together free and great value content with a sophisticated yet simple discovery across all Linear broadcast channels, IP FAST channels, and on-demand streaming titles.

With Viva Smart launched in France, ZeopTV in La Reunion, Elisa Viihde 4K in Finland, Post TV in Luxembourg, the world of ‘full IP across multiple screens’ is now a reality, and we are
working on bringing the same level of experience to the UK on Netgem TV.

What are you most excited for at the DTG Summit 2022?
We’re excited to meet new organisations and people from the content industry which is an essential part of our business. It is all the more exciting as this year’s event isn’t virtual! We are looking forward to catching up with all those present and getting the opportunity to share strategic perspectives based on other market developments to stimulate the UK TV ecosystem.

What does Television Beyond Imagination look like for Netgem?
In fact, it means that the constraints for the consumer are removed, whilst protecting the value for content owners: simple discovery, immediate access, and freedom to watch. Similar to the super-aggregator model we launched in France 3 years ago, ‘Television Beyond Imagination’ means that you offer what consumers expect. Simple access to any content, live or on-demand on the screen they want, without barriers such as multiple authentication mechanisms or dependency on a particular content delivery method. Viewers should be able to quickly access and simply discover what is relevant to them at the time they want. Less time searching, more time watching

What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration?
The paradox of the UK content industry is that it is jam-packed with very high-quality content, especially from the Public Service Broadcasters, yet it lacks simplicity in the distribution model across platforms, which results in an experience which remains fragmented for viewers:

  • Why does someone need a TV aerial to enjoy BBC1 when they have 1Gigabit speed full-fibre broadband which in many cases has been sold by telcos as the way to “stream entertainment freely”?
  • Why does someone need to log on to 5 different players to enjoy content across different catch-up apps, even on platforms which are designed to aggregate BVoD players?
  • Why is the experience so different between different Broadcaster services: Restart sometimes available, some box sets vs. short-life 7 day window etc…

The biggest issue is the speed of change to move to TV as modern viewers expect it – which is already in place in the USA and on the Continent in Europe.

Tell us something people might not know about Netgem.
Netgem’s vision of a fully integrated and truly aggregated TV service which combines the best of live and on-demand from both the Public Service Broadcasters and the entertainment streaming services, actually already exists!

Netgem has indeed implemented for years the full IP, full features (nPVR, nReplay, startover etc.) public broadcast in markets such as France, Luxembourg or Switzerland. With regards
to the aggregation of streaming services including Alexa Universal Search and personal recommendations across all content sources, it is already live in the UK and Ireland on the Netgem TV service.

All we need now is the right context to bring it all together in the UK market.


26 Apr 2022