Tell us a little bit about Cerberus Tech.
Cerberus Tech enables its customers to maximise operational efficiency, with our unrivalled broadcast-grade IP expertise. Our solutions, Network 1, Livelink and IO, leverage the cloud to provide content delivery services and toolkits for global broadcasters and content owners. Cerberus Tech empowers its customers to realise the full potential of IP, delivering only the highest quality broadcasting feeds, without compromise.

What’s the most exciting project coming up for Cerberus Tech?
The team has several multi-channel distribution projects coming up, helping customers ingest feeds to domestic and international broadcasters and affiliates via IP.

What are you most excited for at the DTG Summit 2022?
For the last 2 years, the broadcasting industry has focused on business continuity and adapting to current requirements and restrictions. Now the conversation is starting to shift – with more of a focus on future-proofing infrastructure, emerging content consumption trends and how broadcasters can keep consumers engaged. Our team is excited for conversations around the key changes in broadcasting that are on the horizon, and the next phase of cloud evolution within the industry.

What does Television Beyond Imagination look like for Cerberus?
With flexibility at the core of everything we do, and alongside our partners, Cerberus Tech is building a content delivery network that provides services for all 24/7 and occasional use requirements. “Television Beyond Imagination” means leveraging the best developments in next generation IP technology and cloud workflows, to ensure delivery without compromise. That way, broadcasters and affiliates can stay focused on their content, rather than the technical detail.

What is the biggest issue that can be addressed through cross-industry collaboration?
Our partner Ateme will be joining a panel at the DTG Summit, to discuss what we need to do as an industry to prepare for an IP world. Widespread adoption of cloud-based workflows, and an increased demand for the flexibility offered by IP delivery, means this is something that all broadcasters and content owners will need to consider in the coming years. Content needs to be cost effectively delivered via IP at scale, and the technologies are already in use that will move the broadcasting industry towards a fully IP-based future.

Tell us something people might not know about Cerberus Tech.
To deliver feeds across all environments, with minimal engineering requirements, interoperability is crucial. Cerberus Tech’s solutions are multi-cloud compatible and offer support for multiple IP protocols, including Zixi, RIST, SRT, RTMP and HLS. We also support traditional OTT and CDN ingest formats, so users can adopt the delivery mechanisms that are right for them. Our aim is to fit into a customer’s or affiliate’s infrastructure like a perfectly shaped jigsaw piece.


29 Apr 2022