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Pictured (l-r) DTG Strategic Technologist and SafeShark director Alex Buchan, LG Electronics Director EU Innovation Digital TV R&D Stuart Savage and BSI Global Digital & Connected Product Sales and Operations Manager Tolga Sakar.

LG has become the first company to pass SafeShark and BSI’s newly launched Consumer IoT Verification Scheme, demonstrating its commitment to cyber security best practice.

The first scheme of its kind, SafeShark testing and BSI certification provide assurance that connected products and devices have appropriate cyber security controls in place for their intended use, in accordance with international best practice.

The scheme has been developed through Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) funding and industry collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), as well as international standards body ETSI. SafeShark tests products against cyber standard ETSI EN 303 645 using a unique and innovative automated testing platform called Intercept. Certification is provided by BSI based on a test report provided by SafeShark.

The consumer logo demonstrates a rigorous, objective and independent verification of a connected device’s security – offering peace of mind to consumers and shareholders, and giving manufacturers a genuine, certified point of differentiation on shelf.

Once certified, products are continually monitored by the Intercept platform to ensure compliance is maintained over the whole life-cycle of the product, as firmware is updated, and as cyber threats and standards evolve.

Commenting on the news LGEUK President Mr B.S. Lee said: “We are pleased to announce that LG Electronics has become the first company to pass the SafeShark test specification with its Smart TV platforms, demonstrating its commitment to cyber security best practice.

“LG’s product development and innovation platform seeks to ensure that all its technological advancements are future-ready and have consumer safety and security as a core priority. The SafeShark and BSI certification is a critical first step, to ensure we are prepared for future UK and EU legislation, which mandates that manufacturers must prove they have met cyber security performance requirements before being able to sell their products.”

SafeShark Director Alex Buchan said “SafeShark is delighted that LG has leveraged first mover advantage to demonstrate best practice, before legislation mandates manufacturers take action. The cybersecurity threat around connected devices is a critical issue and this scheme offers proactive manufacturers like LG the opportunity to parlay compliance into a point of differentiation, positioning themselves and their products as the most trusted on the market and giving consumers confidence at the point of purchase.”

BSI Sales and Operations Manager – Digital & Connected Product Certification Tolga Sakar said “Huge congratulations to LG for being the first organisation to achieve certification to the new Consumer IoT Verification. This achievement proves that LG’s products adhere to the security protocols outlined in the emerging legislation, which will give consumers confidence that an LG connected device or appliance is secure. The LG team should be very proud of this success.”

About SafeShark (part of the Digital Television Group)
SafeShark is a Joint Venture between DTG Testing and Connect Devices, set up through DCMS funding and backed by BSI to provide the only independent certification for new IoT cybersecurity standards. SafeShark has worked closely with European standards bodies, Government and the NCSC during development of its scheme to ensure that it provides coverage for upcoming UK and EU legislation. This award-winning service turns compliance into a competitive edge through BSI certification and combines accessibility and affordability using its automated Intercept software.


30 Jun 2022