New TV insights platform, 7M Discovery, provides brands with unique, data-driven insight on when they and their industry are discussed on television to enable tactical planning for marketing strategies.

Launched today by contextual data company 7th Minute, TV analytics tool 7M Discovery uses advanced transcription technologies to identify and analyse every word spoken on TV and determine whether it is an ad or occurs as part of a broadcast programme. Sign-up to the self-service platform is free and straightforward, after which users can search the resulting database for relevant terms (such as brand, product and competitor information); these ‘TV mentions’ are presented via a dashboard and a series of easy-to-read charts.

Results are highly granular, providing details of the day, time, TV channel and TV programme where the TV mention occurred.  Using data to understand how and when they are discussed on TV gives brands new fact-based knowledge to underpin marketing strategies.  Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Ensure products are reaching the right target audience (ie being discussed during relevant programmes)
  • Differentiate between paid content (advertising) and earned content (mentions during broadcast programmes)
  • Support ROI measurement on TV ad spend, for example by linking sales and search data to see the specific TV content that influences consumer behaviour and drives engagement
  • Monitor competitors’ TV advertising and TV mentions and respond effectively
  • Understand TV content trends over time and link marketing activity to relevant themes

Additional features currently planned as the 7M Discovery platform continues to evolve include:

  • Sentiment analysis to further understand the context of a mention and identify the potential opportunities arising from it, as well as any threats (such as a negative news story), with follow-up actions planned accordingly
  • Audience reach and demographic data, providing minute-by-minute segments to offer an accurate viewership breakdown for the moment when the TV mention occurred
  • Real-time notifications flagging when predefined TV mentions occur, so that brands can respond to relevant content quickly and effectively
  • Contextual information showing the content associated with the searched term to help build a ‘bigger picture’ that can inform more effective planning strategies
  • Increased personalisation of the client’s brand workspace to enable faster and more customised campaign management

“TV is a hugely powerful channel – but it can be impossible to know which parts are working best; our new platform opens the black box that is TV content to deliver TV mentions, which we see as the new frontier of media planning,” says Ed French, managing director at 7th Minute.  “Brand managers and their teams no longer need to make decisions based on gut instinct; 7M Discovery finds the relevant data, laying it out clearly to show what works, and what doesn’t.  Taking the mystery out of TV data enables confident, informed decision-making.”

The new 7M Discovery follows the beta version preview made available in March this year.  A self-service tool, it offers a free option, with pricing starting at £199 per month (+ VAT) for the ability to add additional search terms and use TV data from the previous 12 months.


6 Oct 2022