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Tell us briefly, what does Cerberus Tech do?

We move high-quality IP feeds, within a one-second delay globally. Cerberus Tech harnesses the power and resilience of IP and cloud to provide managed content delivery services and toolkits for the global broadcasting industry.

What is your mission as a company?

To offer unrivalled IP contribution and distribution expertise, enabling customers to future proof their infrastructure and maximise the efficiency of their broadcast operations.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Our scalable services are protocol-agnostic and multi-cloud compatible. Users can move broadcast-grade feeds via IP, from any location to any destination, combining flexibility and control with global reach.

What is the most exciting thing coming up for Cerberus Tech?

The deployment of software-based motion compensated frame and format conversion to deliver studio-quality live content. With our on-demand pricing structure, we can cut the cost of conversion to a fraction of traditional installations.

We’re also introducing the ability to transcode multiple files simultaneously, removing the need to manually set files up in a queue.

What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration?

Sustainability – is an ongoing concern that many media businesses are only just starting out on. It is crucial that the industry works together to make sensible choices and reduce its long-term carbon footprint. Cerberus Tech is proud to be an albert Sustainable Supplier.

Interoperability – Cerberus Tech believes interoperability should be at the core of any broadcasting workflow. As the media industry heads to a cloud-based future, reliable, agnostic, and interoperable networks grow even more important.

What might people not know about your company?

Cerberus Tech has a Service Network which provides IP delivery as a managed service and builds increased connectivity in regions which can be challenging or expensive to reach with traditional broadcasting methods.

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1 Nov 2022