Tell us about Netgem TV

Netgem TV is the modern TV & streaming service developed by Netgem for the UK market. It is constantly updated to offer maximum value for consumers: gathering over 220 live channels, including 120+ HD channels on top of Freeview, 40+ apps, 100,000 hours of aggregated content, and 30+ games.

Our service is designed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience across multiple devices, and universal discovery across live, SVOD, TVOD, or FAST / AVOD content. We work closely with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like TalkTalk, Community Fibre, and 15 other ISPs in the UK to ensure that our service is available to as many consumers as possible. Our goal is to deliver the best possible TV and entertainment experience to our customers and their users, wherever they are and on all devices – at great value (from £5 per month only).


What’s the most exciting project coming up for Netgem

There are several exciting projects coming up for Netgem, but one that we’re particularly excited about is our collaboration with a leading cloud-gaming company. Our next-generation Entertainment service will combine for the first time an immersive UI combining live TV, on-demand content, as well as high-quality Games, and will of course be available across multiple devices. We are bringing the gaming experience into TV, and TV into Games, and we can’t wait to launch it in the coming months.


What are you most excited for at the DTG Summit 2023

At the DTG Summit 2023, we’re most excited to hear from other industry leaders about the latest trends and technologies in the TV space, particularly how the UK will finally embrace the full IP world – i.e. offering universal access to FTA TV channels over IP. So we look forward to hearing more about it from the PSBs, and the industry and Regulatory organisations.


What does The Bigger Picture look like for Netgem?

The bigger picture for Netgem is to deliver on our Vision of Next-generation Entertainment: we believe strongly that Entertainment is evolving to embrace a more interactive experience where Gaming plays a key role. With the growing crossover of IP content between TV/Cinema and Games (eg. The Last of us being a big Streaming success on Amazon Prime or Harry Potter becoming one the best-selling Games), bringing Games inside the TV experience is only the first step for us.

We are building unique immersive experiences where the user will be able to interact with others via a TV show which is in fact a game on screen at the same time it is broadcast, and progressively integrating other devices like mobile in the experience as a supporting interactive screen. There will be lots to come over the coming months, and we are confident that we are in a good position in this race for Immersive TV or the Return of Interactive TV 😉


What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration? 

One of the biggest issues we can address through cross-industry collaboration is the challenge of universal access to free television. We have been running IP TV services for telecom operators for over 20 years in several countries, and it is time for the UK to open up!

Creating a true open access to FTA channels over IP is not only expected in the 21st century, where all homes stream all-day over their superfast broadband networks, but is also critical to protect British television. Indeed, offering platforms a simple and cost effective way to embed British FTA channels over IP, combined with SVOD streaming services will avoid a complete shift away from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and 5; and it will help the progressive shift away from FTA live channels, and protect high-quality British television programming.


Tell us something people might not know about Netgem. 

Something that people might not know about Netgem is that we have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We’re always looking for ways to make our service more eco-friendly. Not that long ago, we integrated the Green Stream functionality into our service. This feature allows users to enjoy their favourite content while consuming less energy, reducing their carbon footprint.


The DTG Summit 2023 takes place on May 4th at Kings Place, London. Join hundreds of other delegates from across the TV landscape as we explore the Bigger Picture together.

Check out our speaker line up and register for your place here.


24 Apr 2023