Tell us briefly, what does do? is a web-based platform for creating and deploying broadcast quality graphic overlays. Everything in Singular is done in a standard web browser and doesn’t require any dedicated graphics hardware, go live in minutes and on any production.

What is your mission as a company?

We are on a mission to revolutionise live content with Intelligent Overlays.
Singular is a disruptive next-gen live graphics platform with a pioneering, accessible web-based architecture. Its Intelligent Overlays offer a sustainable alternative with features to modernise productions alongside personalisation and interactivity to exhilarate and engage audiences. Singular is empowering a better experience for content creators, viewers and the planet.

What sets you apart from the competition?

We are the only live graphics platform certified by Albert for sustainable live production. We are the most accessible professional live graphics platform, offering free accounts to anyone interested in learning as well as free Pro tier accounts for Educational Institutions and Non-profits. As a browser-based platform, we offer graphics scalability and flexibility that unlike any of our traditional competitors.

What is the most exciting thing coming up for Singular?

We recently launched a new product, that is purpose built for streamers, rather than broadcasters. Having launched in November 2022 we have already attracted 4,000 account sign ups. We have new launches coming up with some significant clients including NFL and PGA and new integrations with technology partners including Videon, Sony and Dolby among others.

What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration?

Diversity and Inclusivity are a key issue we need to address to deal with both the narrow profile of people working in broadcast but also the issue of a skills shortage. Singular removes barriers to entry since it only requires a computer and internet access and this provides unprecedented accessibility for anyone, no matter what their experience or resources, to learn how to use our platform and give themselves an opportunity to work in our industry. We hope this drives more diversity into our industry with people from a wider range of backgrounds having the opportunity to start their careers. In addition, Singular is a more sustainable solution than traditional alternatives so every new customer using Singular rather than traditional alternatives is reducing the environmental impact of their live production.

What might people not know about your company?

We don’t have any offices and we offer Pro grade accounts for free to Schools and Non-profits.

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18 May 2023