The DTG has released D-Book 12.8 – the latest update to the technical specification for all digital terrestrial television products and services in the UK market.

The DTG’s founding objective remains at its core today – to safeguard the UK digital television industry by ensuring a universally deployed and interoperable linear and interactive TV technical standard. This is uniquely achieved through the industry co-created DTG D-Book and DTG Test Suites. These continue to evolve to meet sector needs as we embrace market innovations driven by new networks, IP, cyber security, sector and consumer innovation and legal compliance requirements.

As a set of critical implementation requirements, the D-Book ensures a wide choice of consumer electronics devices from a range of international manufacturers in the market.

Each year our technical experts, in partnership with industry and DTG working groups, produce the D-Book, the definitive list of specifications for UK digital TV which supports the consumer electronics sector by ensuring device interoperability throughout the entire life cycle.

Interoperability underpins the ongoing success of Freeview Play, Freesat, BT TV, Now, TalkTalk TV and YouView. As the complexity of these platforms increases, the importance of interoperability and conformance against tests is greater than ever.

D-Book 12.7 continued the enhancements following the closure of the UK’s only Single Frequency Network, COM7.

With the latest HbbTV specification recently published by ETSI, D-Book 12.8 aligns the interactive application functionality requirements and adds HbbTV test suite guidance for manufacturers. The new D-Book includes updates in RF chapters to complete edits due to the recent 700 MHz clearance programme, as well as clarifying a target for testing RF Echoes (previously listed as “TBD”). Additionally, unused AFD modes are now no longer listed in chapters 3 and 24.

DTG CEO Richard Lindsay-Davies said, “Co-created with industry and universally deployed, the D-Book draws upon the highest quality research, evidence and technical knowledge from industry to enrich lives and drive economic growth. It provides the unique foundation of common technology to every TV household that is critical to ensuring the UK digital television can continue to reach its full potential.

“I continue to be delighted to innovate with industry to deliver long-term growth, centred around an egalitarian vision that digital television is for all by all. Open, available, affordable, safe and of course with an unparalleled level of technical integrity, the D-Book is the pinnacle of open, horizontal market collaboration.

The DTG welcomes contributions from its members on the evolution towards hybrid distribution systems which will feed into the development of future D-Books.

DTG members can download the D Book here.

Non-members can purchase the D-Book for £53,000 by getting in touch here.

Will Parsons

31 Oct 2023