Tell us briefly: what does Amagi do?

Amagi is the premier video cloud platform, providing comprehensive solutions for creating, distributing, and monetising content on broadcast and streaming TV.

Amagi’s core expertise lies in cloud playout for broadcast-grade 24×7 live linear channel creation for both broadcast and streaming TV, channel distribution to Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms, live orchestration and single live events for sports, news, and premier events, OTT server-side ad insertion, analytics, and first-party programmatic ad solutions for monetisation, and cost-effective cloud-led disaster recovery solutions.

Operating in 12 countries, with the U.S. as its largest market, Amagi has development and operations centers in Europe, and deployments across the globe.

As the world’s largest tech provider for Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST), Amagi facilitates over 3,800+ FAST channel deliveries and supports more than 150 FAST services. Today, Amagi supports 800+ content brands, runs 850+ playout chains and caters to over 50 billion annual ad opportunities globally.

What is your mission as a company?

At Amagi, we firmly believe that technology can transform the media and entertainment industry by providing more agility and competitiveness and offering more options to service providers and end users. The streaming and D2C orientation in Media and Entertainment has redrawn the business structure and revenue models within the industry. Amagi is at the forefront of this change, enabling media companies to build and grow services at scale.

Amagi’s mission is to continue pioneering next-gen media tech solutions for broadcasting and streaming. Offering a ‘glass-to-glass’ tech stack for content creation, distribution, and monetisation, Amagi aspires to be a one-stop, end-to-end technology and business solutions provider for broadcasters, content owners, FAST services, and advertisers, ultimately delivering the best experience to viewers.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Amagi offers end-to-end solutions for broadcast-grade live linear channel creation, distribution, and monetisation, all under one-roof. This clearly sets us apart from the competition who typically don’t offer the breadth of services we do.

We provide the flexibility of unified workflows where instead of creating separate workflows and infrastructure for broadcast and streaming, customers can use a single Amagi solution to manage their workflows to cater to both cable and streaming TV business/audiences.

With respect to FAST channel creation and distribution, Amagi supports more than 150 FAST services, with deep technical integration with 50+ popular FAST services. This gives broadcasters and content owners access to the widest distribution network and enables them to reach new audiences.

Unlike many of our competitors who offer a ‘lift and shift’ model when it comes to cloud solutions, Amagi is cloud-born, and has architected all of its solutions on the cloud to deliver true benefits of scalability, reliability and flexibility to customers. Thus, we can optimise using micro services, on-demand instances and cloud-native services to deliver cost efficiencies 6x-8x times lower than the competition.

What is the most exciting thing coming up for Amagi? 

Amagi recently announced the launch of its cloud solution to run single live events. We believe this will be a growth driver as rights holders and owners will now be able to spin up a live production and playout system on the cloud only for the duration of the event and retire it once the event concludes. This creates more avenues to broadcast/stream multiple live events in parallel and maximise content libraries. There is no need to invest in expensive live events broadcast infrastructure, and customers will be able to demonstrate ROI immediately. This is also an excellent test bed for broadcasters to evaluate cloud as the primary infrastructure for enterprise-wide cloud migration.

What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration?

Content democratisation is one of the most significant milestones achieved through cross-industry collaboration. In the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV ecosystem, every participant (content brand, streaming platforms, and advertisers) has a fair chance of gaining an audience, and every viewer finds content suited to their tastes and preferences. By introducing solutions that actively support the growth of the FAST phenomenon, Amagi creates a level playing field for content creators, democratising channel creation, distribution, and monetisation. Today, every content owner, big or small, has equal access to an engaged audience and technologies to help them monetise their content much more efficiently.

What might people not know about your company?

The word ‘Amagi’ means freedom in Sumerian. Freedom stays at the core of the value system we create internally at all levels within the organisation, and we strive to offer it externally to our ecosystem.

The company was founded in April 2008 with the core vision of TV becoming more addressable and, in turn, a significant value addition to the changing ecosystem.

When we started small, none of the first 150 employees had any background in the broadcast industry. Being an industry leader with 800+ employees, we have certainly come a long way when we look back!

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Will Parsons

23 Nov 2023