DTG SUMMIT 8th May 2024, King's Place, London


Tell us about HDMI Technology

Almost 12 billion devices enabled with HDMI technology have shipped since the first HDMI specification was released in 2002. The latest HDMI 2.1b Specification continues to enable the development of new product categories and innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for higher performance and more immersive consumer experiences.  HDMI LA is the agent that licenses the current 2.1b specification for the HDMI Forum and earlier versions of the specification for the HDMI Founders.


What’s new for the HDMI LA and HDMI Forum organisations? What’s the most exciting thing for HDMI technology in 2024?

The HDMI Forum is constantly looking to improve the user experience by improving specifications and testing to ensure all products work seamlessly, regardless of the brand. Building on the improvements made in HDMI 2.1b, released in August 2023, there will likely be compliance testing specification releases in 2024 to improve device testing and compliance which will led to further improvements in the consumer experience.


What are you most excited for at the International Plugfest?

These Plugfest events are vital to a healthy CE ecosystem, not just for HDMI Technology, but for all the services and interfaces tested at these events.  HDMI LA actively supports and sponsors many Plugfests throughout the year and around the world.


Why is a view of the Bigger Picture important for the sector?

Consumer content choice and how they consume content is changing and it’s important for the entire industry to take a holistic approach to the user experience by ensuring the TV works seamlessly with other devices in the ecosystem and not just on an individual device.


What is the biggest issue you think we can address together through cross-industry collaboration?

Consistent user experience. New technology and feature adoption is typically hampered by a not-so-good user experience amongst brands; so collaboration is key to avoid that and help the ecosystem to grow, which helps everyone in the industry.


What are your three TV predictions for the coming 12 months?

  • Large screen TVs becoming more mainstream (i.e. 100+ inch)
  • AI-based technology expanding across TV platforms
  • TVs refresh rates increasing beyond 120Hz

Will Parsons

20 Feb 2024