The DTG Technical Steering Group has transformed into the DTG Technical Strategy Group (TSG) to reinforce its strategic position in developing a vision for industry, informing and directing the DTG’s work.

From horizon-scanning and technology trends to bleeding edge technical advances, this group, chaired by Everyone TV CTO Orpheus Warr and former BT TV Architect Dr Simon Jones, draws on the strategic experience of its members to identify the future game changers. It aligns and directs the focus of each DTG Technical Expert Forum and works with the DTG Platform Steering Group to ensure requirements and specification reflect technology advances.

Simon and Orpheus are joined in the newly restructured group by global immersive strategist Adipat Virdi, who takes up the role of Innovation and Immersive Strategy Lead. Over the last two decades, Adipat has positioned himself as a leading thinker in leveraging emerging tech to deliver innovation-led frameworks (in all realities) for both social and commercial impact. Working with global brands (Meta, Charlotte Tilbury, BBC, Virgin Atlantic, BBVA and Real Madrid, most recently), his core focus has been on building strategic frameworks to pivot organisational DNA to be immersive-ready.

Speaking of his appointment he said: The work that the DTG do is, in my view, not just important but critical. It provides a clear pathway for understanding emerging tech, changing consumption behaviours, evolving audience expectations, and translating this into how DTG members can plan for the future.

“I hope to support this endeavour, from within the TSG, by using my industry experience over the last 20 years to provide a strategic and innovation-focused lens. Very excited!”

To inform this work, the TSG is currently inviting wider input on the future of TV and has initiated a call for ideas amongst DTG members to define strategic focus for the coming 12 months.

DTG Strategic Technologist Yvonne Thomas said: “All ideas are welcome from exploring technical or commercial complexities to meeting evolving consumer expectations addressing skills and education gaps to mapping and informing policy and regulation. We want to hear from you, whether it’s a perennial problem or a wild card issue!”

Please submit your ideas via email to Yvonne Thomas to ensure your valuable input is considered (anonymously) in the overall vision for the Future of TV.

Will Parsons

22 Feb 2024