Tell us a little bit about Simplestream
Simplestream is a leading UK-based provider of online video services, including streaming workflows and applications. We enable broadcasters, platform operators, content owners, and distributors to quickly launch next-generation TV services, increasing their reach and revenues. With over a decade of presence in a challenging market sector, and a strong suite of products and solutions, Simplestream provides simplified, cloud-based architectures to a variety of international clients, including AMC Network International, News UK, GB News, UKTV, A+E Networks, TVSN, TELUS, United Rugby Championship, and GAAGO.

What’s the most exciting project coming up for Simplestream?
The expansion of our App Platform proved to be key to enriching our value proposition, with a flexible offering and faster time-to-market for broadcasters, content owners, and media brands in general to grow revenue streams. Also, further development of our ad insertion services helped Simplestream become a leading tech vendor in the space for AVOD services, with syndication of virtual channels (scheduled via Channel Studio) on multiple platforms. Additionally, the continuous development around our video service platform – Media Manager – has made it possible for the company to keep assisting free-to-air channels in the Live and Live2VOD space, complementary platforms to the DTT/DTH delivery. Finally, the relaunch of our Sports Video Platform has been integral to undertaking prestigious direct-to-consumer projects in the past 12 months.

What are you most looking forward to at the DTG Summit 2024?
The Summit is always an invaluable opportunity for us to meet up with industry peers and take the pulse of our industry. We’re looking forward to understanding how the market is evolving, amid the complexities of today’s macroeconomics. We aim to provide our technical perspective in solving the main problems broadcasters and content owners are facing nowadays.

What does The Bigger Picture look like for Simplestream and why is it important?
The Bigger Picture is what the future of our industry will look like, and we’re proud to be part of this sector to help shaping better viewing experiences for millions of households in the years to come. With profitability as a main challenge faced by many content providers today, we’re keen to work on more flexible and impactful solutions for hungry audiences.

What will be the biggest gamechanger in the next five years and why?
The near future of television is IP-delivered broadcast, and that’s where innovation has to take place. With many exciting things on the horizon, the UK is seeing a new digital revolution unfolding.

What is the one big issue the sector needs to address together?
Competition for eyeballs is at an all-time high, and broadcasters – especially in the public service space – need to unite, to better plan for the future and reach sustainable growth. Discoverability, smarter recommendation engines, and a seamless viewing experience once the button ‘play’ is hit on the video player remain the main focus.

Tell us something people might not know about Simplestream
Our solutions power many millions of hour of entertainment, news, sport, teleshopping, and generalist content across the entire portfolio every year. With a growing team of 45+, Simplestream is a vibrant company that wants to disrupt the tech space by providing premium solutions, accessible to companies of any size. Oh, and we’re a very friendly bunch, of course.

Will Parsons

2 May 2024