The Café is the first of its kind globally, with the ambition to create the industry’s global, flagship event, for skills, diversity and education, bringing together international industry representatives to work collaboratively and collectively to address the critical issues that impact every company across the globe. There are two aims for the inaugural event:

Stage 1:

  • To analyse the current skills shortages and to work out what roles these shortages are in, as well as at what levels of seniority.
  • How we are going to work collectively to address these shortages and ensure diversity is embedded within our work.

Stage 2:

  • What are the skills of the future and how are we going to educate and train the workforce of the future?

Attendees will be based at a variety of tables throughout the session, with expert facilitators from across the skills, education and diversity landscape driving our conversations and ensuring all voices are heard and opinions represented.

Every attendee will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and perspectives. As participants carry key ideas or themes to new tables, they will exchange perspectives, allowing for new insights and opportunities for further analysis or collaboration.

Patterns, themes and deeper questions experienced in the small group conversations will be shared and called out with the larger group and included in the final write up.

That output will be a ‘live’ Manifesto document, outlining commitments made during the Café that individuals and companies will pledge to deliver, alongside a written report. This will be reviewed in 2025.

The World Skills Café will be held at IBC on 12th September from 14:00 – 17:00 with networking drinks until 18:00. Participants will be from broadcasters, streamers, OTT, vendors, OB companies, studios, diversity leaders, recruiters and education representatives.

Find out more and register to attend here.

Will Parsons

22 May 2024