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5G for TV: Mythical or Magical?


The verdict is…

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, we took a closer look at the potential future of TV and radio delivery in our seminar ‘5G for TV: Mythical or Magical?’. 5G is a hot topic in the broadcast media world so naturally, it has been of great interest to the DTG.

The seminar was run as part of the Spectrum Access Forum, one of the DTG’s Working Groups which provides a platform to explore the challenges and opportunities through innovation in spectrum access.

Our Head of Wireless Technologies, Alex Buchan, introduced the seminar. We had a line-up of five guest speakers from across the industry to help us discern whether 5G for TV is a just a thing of myth or some modern magic.

Martyn Lee, Senior Technologist at Sky and co-Chair of the DTG’s Spectrum Access Forum started the presentations with a review of the current state of OTT delivery. He handed over to BT Sport’s Director of Mobile Strategy, Matt Stagg, who highlighted that 5G would simplify production and make it more cost-efficient. Reiner Stuhlfauth, Technology Manager at Rohde & Schwarz, was also positive about 5G, noting how it was ready to succeed 4G broadcast in the delivery of TV and radio.

Darko Ratkaj, a Senior Project Manager at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), and Tomos Jones, a Senior Associate at CMS law firm were optimistic about 5G for TV but pointed out some obstacles that should be considered regarding the large-scale distribution and regulation of 5G TV.

The seminar was closed with a Q&A panel in which all the guest presenters (apart from Matt Stagg) participated. The panel was chaired by Phil Brown, a broadcast expert from Arqiva and co-Chair of the Spectrum Access Forum.

So, what was the verdict? It is apparent that 5G for TV is far from a myth. To sum up the views from the seminar, there is a great potential for the use of 5G in TV and radio delivery. However, one could be justified in being cautiously optimistic as there are still issues that need to be resolved.

Thank you to all of our speakers and attendees at ‘5G for TV: Mythical or Magical?’. It was a great success with some fantastic insights into the latest technologies. We will be running more events like this in the future. We will continue to explore the remaining challenges in this area and to work with industry to find solutions. Please keep an eye on the website and also our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds to see when our next events will be running.


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