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5G for TV: Mythical or Magical?


5G has the potential to provide many opportunities for the media industry. Not only in the way that content is distributed and consumed, but also in the way it is produced. This could pave the way for new interactive content and live coverage of events that previously would not have been possible. A whole new array of services that will be truly available on any device at any location will become a reality with the power of 5G. In parallel to this, linear, free-to-air broadcast TV will continue to serve audiences across the country, providing a baseline of TV that can be easily accessed by mass, concurrent audiences. The question is whether these two parallels will combine over time so that free-to-air public service TV, as well as interactive services, are provided by the same 5G technology addressing both large screen fixed devices and mobile devices from a single standard.

The DTG will be running a seminar that looks at the roadmap for 5G technology in terms of TV delivery and whether, in theory, this could be equivalent to broadcast services today. Additionally, we will look at in practice what this means to the mobile and broadcast industries and the future collaborations that may develop as a result. We will highlight what has been learnt from recent 5G TV trials and how this is different from previous attempts to deliver TV over 3G and 4G networks. Finally, we will consider the broader policy and regulatory impacts for public service broadcasting and a transition to delivery over 5G.

The seminar is open to both DTG members and non-DTG members. The event will run from 09:30-13:00 with registration and coffees from 09:00 and a networking lunch. If you would like to attend, please register in advance as there are limited places available.


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