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BVE 2019


The Broadcast Video Expo was staged this week in London bringing professionals from the media, entertainment and creative industries together to look towards the future. Attendees had the chance to experiment with the latest technology on offer and to discover the latest trends. There was a whole host of sessions and panels discussing a few topics that piqued our interest as they are topics that we have been exploring over the past year.

One of the sessions delved into real-world cases on how the industry are using AI to cover previously unexplored territory. This year already, the UK has been graced with the presence of Shudu, the world’s first 5G-powered AI fashion stylist. Overseas in China, the Xinhua News Agency added a new member to the team – Xin Xiaomeng, the world’s first female AI news anchor (read more here). Paul Lee, Global Head of Technology, Media and Telecoms Research for Deloitte will be discussing how China are advancing in AI at the DTG Summit in May. Without a doubt, AI is no longer just a fictional sci-fi element – it’s real and it’s not slowing down.

Perhaps one of the BVE talks that grabbed our attention the most was “Providing continuity: Post-Brexit production and broadcast”. The talk explored how media companies could potentially move forward in a post-Brexit world. With no satisfactory deal on the horizon,  nobody has a clear idea of what Brexit will be and what impact it will have. Taking place in a (potential) post-Brexit world, the DTG Summit, New Horizons, will be touching on the impact of Brexit on our industry and how we’ll move forward.

If you want to join in the conversation, we would love to see you at the Summit. Click here for more information.

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