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Consumers praise 4K quality but are frustrated with the lack of content


Market Research and Data Analytics company YouGov, ran focus groups last month to take a deep dive into what people’s views are on 4K TV technology.

Participants of the focus group perceived 4K TV to be about excellent quality and crystal-clear images and reasons behind a purchase would be because 4K enables them to enjoy their favourite programmes ‘in style’, especially documentaries, sports and film.

Latest figures show that 18% of the public now own a 4K TV, but these participants believe that the lack of 4K content out there is stunting its growth. One complaint pointed to the fact that they aren’t able to view terrestrial channels in 4K, such as BBC and ITV.

One 4K owner said, “The picture quality is stunning but that there is room for improvement on the amount of content available.”

Among concerns for prospective buyers was their broadband speeds not being up to the challenge of delivering 4K content. Despite a few negatives from this group, the general belief is that 4K represents the future of the industry.

Overall, the 4K TV owner focus groups showed they were satisfied with their purchase and valued the ‘quality and technological advances 4K TV’s represent.’

Original article published on YouGov

Written by DTG Team

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