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DTG attends the EBU’s Media Cybersecurity Seminar 2019


DTG attended the EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar 2019, held at the EBU headquarters in Geneva from 22-23rd October 2019. Security experts from range of media and broadcast companies were also in attendance.

The seminar covered some of the challenges relevant to media companies looking to protect against cyber-attacks.

The seminar considered issues such as illegal streaming. This issue presents a major problem not only to consumers (who make themselves susceptible to malware and other cyber-attacks via end devices and websites) but to free-to-air (FTA) content providers and also to paid-for content providers. The BBC highlighted that globally there are over 1,000 illegal IPTV services in operation at any one time. Many of these offer bundled FTA content for ex-patriots, effectively taking revenue from the public service broadcasters.

The seminar also looked at how cyber security mitigation is adapting to cater for new working practices such as a move to all IP production workflows.

Of note, there was also a discussion regarding how Secure-by-Design needs to be factored into media delivery system design. It was put forward that that working with vendors is key to ensure that they place high priority on security for their devices and services.

Some of the solutions involved included:

  • Use of responsible disclosure polices to enable white-hat hackers to report weaknesses found in systems
  • Details of the EBU protocol BISS-CA which tracks and protects broadcast content from production sources to prevent piracy
  • Understanding cloud services and your company‚Äôs online assets such as domain names

If you would like to find out more about the seminar, all of the presentations from the day are available to download from the EBU website here (please note: an EBU login/registration for an EBU account is required).


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