We’re happy to welcome Will Pickett, Partner Manager at Carnstone and Dimpact Lead, to talk about the end device energy measurements project that was carried out in part with DTG Testing.

This is to follow up from the Distribution Group meeting last July which explained the methodology and initial results.

This meeting will be to present the conclusions and to propose some next steps around the relationship between the content and the end device energy usage.


  1. Welcome (15:00-15:05)
  2. DIMPACT follow-up from End Device Energy Measurements (15:05-15:50), Will Pickett (Partner Manager, Carnstone & DIMPACT Lead)
  • Recap and conclusions from end device energy measurements
  • Proposals for further areas of testing and follow-up work
    • Understanding content impact on energy usage
    • Getting views on the role of broadcasters and streaming companies on their role in decarbonising devices
  • Q&A
  • Group discussion – thoughts on approaches to work on energy efficiency e.g. Industry coordination
  1. AoB (15:50-15:55)
  2. Next steps, next meeting (15:55-16:00)