Proposed agenda is:


  1. Actions from previous meeting
  2. WRC23 – progress on PMSE input
  3. 5G update – Records, 5G MAG (is there anything the group can contribute to)
  4. Updates from European organisations e.g. CEPT
  5. Updates on Airband usage
  6. Update from manufacturers


The actions from the previous meeting were:

Action SE and MW to find out information on studio noise floors to feed into coexistence studies

Action WB to provide information on spectrum available for PMSE in 800 MHz in Germany and the noise floor

Action BC to share SE TR on Audio PMSE with the group with a view to input to TG6/1

Action MW to discuss forming a task group to look at technical parameters – Ongoing

Action DH to share ITU working documents on UHF spectrum usage and needs and technical parameters – Ongoing


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