DTG SUMMIT 8th May 2024, King's Place, London

  • We aim to create a priority list of topics that are relevant to help DTG members and wider industry to create the future media consumption experience. We are setting up a structure to stimulate creative and critical thinking.
  • We will respect each idea/solution – there is no wrong answer! The workshop results (or part of it) won’t be associated to anyone individually or to any organisation (Chatham House rule) but as a result from the DTG’s TSG workshop.
  • We will use virtual breakout rooms in order to better structure discussions for those being online.
  • We will be using a MIRO board. Please sign up to access the board and use digital post its during the workshop on the day (link will be provided).



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Proposed agenda

11:00 – Welcome & brief update on the “new” TSG” (Yvonne)

11:05 – Objective of the workshop (Simon)

11:10 – Stimulus ideas (Orf)

11:20 – Introducing the methodology for today (Adipat)

11:30 – Group work in breakout rooms (on site/online)


12:30 – Group work in breakout rooms (on site/online)

13:15 – Presentation of results from group work (Group leads)

13:30 – Wrap up and next steps (Orf, Simon, Adipat, Yvonne)

14:00 – END