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IET: John Logie Baird Lecture – Who’s watching who?


The John Logie Baird Lecture will be taking place at IET London: Savoy Place on Tuesday 16th July 2019. It will run from 18:00 – 20:15.

Data has become the currency of the modern Internet age, encompassing our offline life, online life and entertainment experiences for analysis, targeting, recommendation, addressability, usage analysis, and operational support.

This data is exposed in both directions, both towards the consumer of services and the provider of services and occurs everywhere to the extent that we are now the most surveilled society ever, without everyone really understanding this.

The lecture will bring together key protagonists in this new world, from all perspectives (Broadcasters, Content Originators, Platform Operators/MVPDs, Operational Support, Recommendation providers, Advertisers, Technology Vendors and the users of systems (the audience!)) for an interactive presentation about TV viewing data and to discuss the impacts of just who is watching who.

Why attend?

The use of data in all areas has become a conversational topic amongst everyone, from the average Facebook user to Governments, particularly in how it can be used to influence all aspects of everyday life.

Industry stakeholders will be asked to explain their use of viewer and return path data and justify that use considering their interests, the interests of the TV industry and more importantly the interests of the viewers and the public in general.

This event is a must for anyone who wants to find out just how every viewer has become the product as well as a data controller…


Peter Docherty, CTO, ThinkAnalytics
Simon Parnall, Principal Advisor Broadcast Technology, Ofcom
Barry Flynn, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster London
Jamie West, Deputy Managing Director, Sky Media UK
Phil Haggar, Digital broadcast and streaming consultant

To book your place, please visit the IET website.

Please note: this article was originally published on the IET website.


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