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DTG Manifesto for the Principles Behind the Universal Delivery of Video Over IP


TV is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. In recent years, internet protocol television (IPTV) has firmly made its imprint in the TV arena, standing firmly alongside linear TV.

Since 2014, household penetration of smart TV sets in the UK have risen from 12% to 42% demonstrating the continued desire to flick between linear and on-demand television. Screen sizes are getting bigger, not only for TVs, but also for our phones, making it more appealing to catch up with our favourite TV programmes on the go. Services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Amazon Prime and Netflix are arguably a staple of the 21st century lifestyle. Our mission is to create the same reliable viewing experience consumers have come to expect from linear TV.

One of the greatest drawbacks of delivery TV over IP is that most homes lack the bandwidth to accommodate one high-quality TV stream let along multiple, simultaneous streams (where there is more than one TV). A significant amount of money and time would need to go towards upgrading the system before adopting IPTV fully.

This era of IP delivery has certainly got its benefits but if we are to get the most value out of it, certain factors (the infrastructure, for one) need to be considered. To this end, the DTG has put together a ‘Manifesto for the Principles Behind the Universal Delivery of Video Over IP’ and identified seven key areas that the industry must address to maximise the potential of IP and to protect the viewer experience.

The seven areas are as follows:

  • Ensure a better future TV experience
  • Ensure a consistent and reliable viewer experience
  • Preserve the value of the horizontal TV market
  • Establish a framework to share IP traffic management intelligence
  • Ensure true end-to-end quick service start and low latency
  • Enable scalability
  • Create a common device diagnostic application

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