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Ofcom announces additional support for PMSE users



Ofcom confirmed today that additional funding would be provided to support users of PMSE equipment currently using the 700MHz band. The additional funding has been increased from 5% to 10% and is great news for PMSE equipment owners.

PMSE equipment such as wireless microphones can currently use the 700 MHz band but will have to stop using it by May 2020 when it will be used for mobile broadband. The compensation scheme was set up by Ofcom to support PMSE users having to purchase new equipment as a result of the spectrum changes.

The funding scheme was announced in August, informing PMSE equipment owners that at least 60% of the estimated cost of replacing their equipment would be reimbursed, and offered no further funding for project management costs. After receiving responses from the initial consultation, Ofcom announced that Claimants would also be awarded a further 5% of the cost to replace equipment to help with additional costs incurred.

The DTG PMSE Group considered the funding being offered and felt it necessary to secure more funding, not only for equipment but for project planning costs. It was recognised that a significant proportion of resources would be invested in project planning for the clearance.

The DTG offered a detailed response to the consultation to which Ofcom has considered and increased the offer for funding.

For more information about the DTG PMSE Group, please get in touch here.


This article has been written using feedback from the DTG’s membership but does not necessarily represent the views of all DTG members organisations. Please note that the DTG is made up of member companies who may have also be submitted individual responses.


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