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Ofcom makes more spectrum available: the DTG comments


Earlier this week, Ofcom announced that they will be making spectrum available for shared use in a range of bands.

The largest section will be in the 26 GHz band which spans 24.25 GHz to 27.5 GHz where 2.25 GHz will be made available (24.25 GHz to 26.5 GHz). 26 GHz has emerged as one of the primary 5G bands for some of the first deployments. This is due to harmonisation of the band across much of the world and also down to it enabling high data rates. Other primary 5G bands include mid-band spectrum around 3.5 GHz offering both coverage and capacity, as well as the 700 MHz band for coverage.

Ofcom will be providing more details when they release a statement in response to the Enabling Innovation Consultation which itself includes proposals to allow sharing spectrum in mobile bands such as 700 and 800 MHz where it is not being used by the primary licence holder.

Other spectrum highlighted by Ofcom includes 7.9 GHz to 8.4 GHz which is allocated to MoD. The opportunity to share the band is part of the Government project to release 750 MHz of public sector spectrum under 10 GHz by 2022. So far the programme has released spectrum in a number of bands including 2.4 GHz, 3.4 GHz, and 5 GHz for indoor Wi-Fi.

Also included was the L-band from 1427 MHz to 1517 MHz which was part of an WRC decision in 2015 to be used for mobile services resulting in an EC Mandate to make it available.

The DTG Spectrum Access Forum responded to the Enabling Innovation Consultation and are aiming to host a workshop on the outcomes of it when Ofcom release their statement.

Article written on 7/6/19


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