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Ofcom outlines areas for improvement for the BBC in annual report


Ofcom has published the annual report on the BBC today, covering April 2017 to March 2018 and has outlined four main areas of improvement.

The report explains that while the BBC is ‘generally delivering its remit for audiences, with whom satisfaction is relatively high’, Ofcom suggests that the BBC should go further when it comes to these four areas:

  • Transparency. As a publicly-funded organisation, with a privileged status in the UK broadcasting sector, the BBC needs to be more transparent and accountable.
  • Original UK programmes. To remain distinctive, amid increasingly strong competition for TV audiences, the BBC should maintain its commitment to original UK content. The BBC will need to be more innovative and take more risks – both in the type of UK content it commissions, but also how it is made, and with whom.
  • Attracting young people. The BBC is not reaching enough young people. As well as providing content that appeals, it needs to find new ways of reaching younger people that suit and reflect their viewing and listening habits.
  • Representing and portraying UK society. Alongside today’s annual report, Ofcom has published the conclusions of a review of Representation and Portrayal on BBC Television. While viewers told us that the BBC – and TV in general – represent a broader mix of people than it used to, some people still feel less visible or portrayed in ways that are narrow or inauthentic.

Ofcom is required to publish this report each year that draws out how they have carried out functions as the independent regulator for the BBC and assesses compliance with the requirements of the Operating Framework, Operating Licence and associated documents.

The report includes Ofcom’s assessment of how the BBC is performing in our rapidly changing converged media world.

You can download the full report at the bottom of this page.


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