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Ofcom’s Annual Report on the BBC


This is Ofcom’s second Annual Report on the BBC, covering April 2018 to March 2019.

The Royal Charter requires Ofcom to publish a report each year that sets out how they have carried out their functions as the BBC’s independent regulator, and assesses the BBC’s compliance with the requirements of their Operating Framework and associated documents.

Separately, Ofcom are required to report at least annually on the BBC’s performance against the measures they set alongside the Operating Licence. This forms the evidence base for the regulator’s assessment of the BBC’s performance against its public purposes.

In this report, Ofcom assess the BBC’s performance in delivering its Mission and Public Purposes, protecting fair and effective competition within the areas in which it operates, and securing editorial standards in BBC programmes. 2018/19 is Ofcom’s first full year of reporting on how the BBC has met all of its requirements in it Operating Licence.

This report finds that the BBC is broadly delivering on its remit through its provision of a significant volume of news and current affairs, a wide range of learning and educational content, as well as high-quality, distinctive and creative content for all audiences across its mainstream and specialist services. However, Ofcom have identified many of the same issues as last year, and it has been difficult for them to assess progress in the absence of a clearly articulated plan from the BBC.

Ofcom have therefore written to the Director General (PDF, 85.8 KB) alongside this report, calling on him to make clear through the BBC’s next annual plan and budget setting process a plan for addressing these recurring themes: engagement with young people; representation and portrayal; commitment to transparency; and commitment to new original UK programmes, as well as how it will engage with the recommendations of the related review of news and current affairs.


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