• Report
  • 20 June 2019

Our 2019 Summit boldly explored the big topics. Exploding content choice. Ever smarter technology. And, of course, the changing viewer. We know they’re exploring widely too. In this brave new universe, opportunities and partnerships are emerging between sectors that were once  separate entities. Faster, more present internet is making video on demand available on a whim in more places. Subscription services have settled into almost half of UK homes next to the traditional public service broadcasters. Yes, linear viewing may have passed its golden age but it still has an incredible social and cultural value in making content available to all.

In a world of commercial cynicism and ‘fake news’ controversies, trusted brands clearly still matter. Indeed, there are healthy signs that the emerging powers in video on demand see a value in sharing a  platform with the traditional broadcasting establishment.

Then there are the curveballs. The esports phenomenon has been experiencing exponential growth and drawing in audiences, young and old, from all over the world. 2018 saw over 4,000 global tournaments, some created and run by dedicated media channels. On Summit day we crammed in important topics like compression technology for content providers. We paused to consider the 30-second advertising spot.

And we debated the broadband rollout in smartphone superpower, China.

We’ve seen the future of TV and digital content. It’s relentless progress.