DTG SUMMIT 8th May 2024, King's Place, London

  • Report
  • 16 November 2023

This exclusive Industry Handbook is the result of a DTG collaboration of experts in the world of Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST). These founder members of the UK FAST Forum combined their knowledge and expertise from all perspectives in the end-to-end delivery chain.

Based on their collective understanding of this market and guided by the results of proprietary industry research, this document is intended to provide clear guidance as to what FAST is, the component parts all the way from the content owners to the end devices, the regulatory environment for FAST, and its route to market.

The DTG FAST Forum continues to meet and address industry challenges and enablers to identify collaborative industry activities that can support FAST implementation and growth.

You can download your free copy below.

Report contents:

Executive Summary

1 Defining FAST

2 Challenges/Enablers of FAST

Launching your FAST service

3  Your content strategy

  • Stock content vs live content

4  Your rights management strategy

  • Encryption/DRM
  • Geofiltering technologies
  • Stream source obfuscation/protection

5 Your distribution strategy

  • Choosing a platform
  • Platform types
  • Tech considerations
  • Video Streaming Protocol
  • Reach
  • Prominence
  • Scheduling
  • EPG
  • End devices

6 Your monetisation strategy

  • The building blocks
  • SSAI vs CSAI
  • Trading strategies

7 Your data and analytics strategy

  • Metadata
  • Images
  • Factual Data
  • Editorial Data
  • Identifiers
  • Contextual Data
  • Metadata specification example
  • Measuring success
  • Measurement criteria

8  The moving parts – regulation

9  Conclusions and recommendations

10  Acknowledgements