• Report
  • 1 October 2019

We can only picture the future together

Our collective choices will help shape the future of TV, so we need to explore in detail where device technology is going. Joined up thinking is vital. Decisions made on the content and distribution side don’t always reflect the value delivered from the consumer electronics market. Equally, choices made in the device design and manufacturing market can forget that content is their lifeblood.

We are fast approaching an inflexion point. While humans have barely evolved in terms of brain-body mechanics over 10,000 years, the pace of technological change is in danger of outstripping our ability to manage it. After millennia of evolution, we still struggle to multitask comfortably. We find it physiologically challenging to switch attention between multiple things, like juggling remote controls, to become our own guides through the best viewing out there.

As we move into a world of more intelligent and personalised media, all of us in the broadcast supply chain has a unique opportunity to reinvent what TV means from the viewer’s perspective. Not just for tomorrow, but for decades to come. To do so, we must bring the devices with us on the journey.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO, DTG