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  • Report
  • 12 October 2020

Executive Summary

From the survey responses it can be seen that international alignment on Next Generation Audio (NGA) requirements is strongly beneficial and thus DTG strongly encourages industry collaboration.

NGA is generally seen as beneficial, with personalisation, accessibility and immersion being the most valued features. It is thought NGA will be most useful in sports, movies and drama, and will also deliver benefits for other content.

The majority of respondents believe NGA should be seamless and simple with users able to make selections on a per programme basis.

Whilst many respondents think NGA services will be commercially available in the UK within a few years from this survey in 2020, some are unclear on the return on investment. There is also a lack of clarity within some organisations about the infrastructure required to support NGA production.

If the ambitious time scales suggested by respondents are to be achieved there is a potential role for the DTG to provide information on these topics.