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Disruptive innovators will impact the future of your business. Work with the smartest minds in the industry and help us research the latest innovations to redesign television for the future.

Join the DTG in researching and discovering the technologies of the future that will affect the TV industry across the world.
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High Bandwidth Connectivity for TV

5G will begin to impact viewer experiences and business economics from 2019.
Aside from the obvious spectrum debate 5G, promises new flexible, scalable, personal, locatable, mobile and fixed link distribution opportunities which will impact you and your business.

What new devices, media formats, distribution and audience models will it enable for you?

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Personalised content discovery and monetisation models will radically change the future of your business. AI-driven content aggregation and personalised advertising will profoundly impact all aspects of television, affecting the viewer’s propensity to watch and their subscription and buying habits.

What will the future of personalisation mean for you and your business?

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Content Discovery in a Converged Media World

Broadcast TV is regulated to surface authenticated news and other publicly valued, safe content in favour of fake news and harmful or offensive media.
The DTG D-Book is the only universally deployed technical specification which ensures channels appear in the desired order in the national TV EPG.

Converging TV with the internet is a game changer. How will viewers discover content in this difficult to regulate the environment and what will be the impact of the internet, AI and machine learning to your business?

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Evolution of the Horizontal Market

Television device and content businesses no longer have a separate value chain. The new era of TV apps, sticks and mobile devices coupled with new services and platforms are changing the dynamics of the market. Funding prelaunch and ongoing developments across the chain has raised new investment and ROI debates with calls for new revenue-sharing models. This will disrupt the economics and viability of the horizontal market further, putting universality at risk.

What is the public, economic and business impact of disrupting the horizontal market model?

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