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Voice comes of age: What is next in UX innovation?

Written by Charles Dawes, Senior Director International Marketing at TiVo

TiVo has been at the forefront of innovation in how consumers find, store and consume their favourite entertainment content for 37 years, since the launch of the first on-screen guide. On the consumer front, viewers today have user experiences that combine content from multiple linear and over-the-top (OTT) sources, like the TiVo Experience 4, the Sky Q product and the latest generation YouView experience. These innovations are helping consumers to enjoy more video content than ever before, as they are offered all their viewing choices in one consistent experience.

However, it also creates difficulties for them, as they often cant find the content they want due to the sheer proliferation of content, as well as that unique human attribute of forgetfulness. So, what do you do when you can only recall some of the information about a programme you would like to watch?

The driving force behind UX

At TiVo, we believe the next steps in user experience (UX) innovation will be driven by three technology themes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning that provides enhanced metadata, Personalised Predictions that move beyond generic collaboratively filtered recommendations, as well as Conversational Voice services that allow you to move beyond simple interactions and leverage multi-faceted complex queries to help you find and consume media content.

AI and machine learning for metadata

Metadata is at the core of all discovery experiences. Without metadata, it would not be possible to know the details about a piece of content.

Traditionally, metadata has been created and curated by humans; an intensive and costly process for any business, especially with the importance of consistency across thousands of pieces of content that range from Hollywood to Bollywood to Nollywood, as well as from YouTube creators to world-famous directors. Enter Machine Learning and AI; two technologies that are changing the way that metadata is created. Using advanced algorithms creates a much deeper, more linked set of information that allows the dynamic, semantic understanding of content needed for the other two themes to be realised.

Personalised predictions

Predictive recommendations are also forming a key part of the next user experience revolution. As systems gain a deeper understanding of a user, the discovery of content can move beyond the ‘people who watched this might like this’ type of content recommendation, to ones that are truly personalised to their changing tastes and are appropriate for the time, day, device and location of the viewer.

Conversational voice search

As the title suggests, voice-based systems have come of age. The power of machine learning means that the days of the famous ‘Two Scotsmen in a lift’ video are numbered as speech recognition by computers can equal or even surpass human hearing. The next step in this revolution is the introduction of conversational systems that use advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand complex, multi-faceted discovery questions. This means that users can flow from one question to the next seamlessly, as well as change the topic and the system will understand them. They can also get personalised sets of content that they know are there but didn’t have the tools to easily find, even in the recent past.

Ultimately, these three innovation themes will be a core part of the continued evolution of how consumers discover and enjoy the content they love irrespective of time, location or device.


Charles Dawes
Senior Director International Marketing

Charles Dawes leads TiVo’s international marketing team across APAC, EMEA and Latin America. A regular speaker at industry events, he is responsible for evangelising how TiVo’s world-leading products, services and technology licensing programmes can help media and entertainment companies bring amazing, award-winning experiences to their consumers.

Charles began his career at Cable and Wireless, where he was responsible for electronic programme guide development. Charles also held the position of product management director at UPC/Chellomedia, where he spent a decade overseeing UPCs digital television product development across their European footprint. Prior to TiVo, Charles was at Rovi where he held positions in product management across Europe and Latin America, Global Account management and International Marketing.


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