DTG SUMMIT 8th May 2024, King's Place, London

1 hr, 4 minutes
Originally shown: 24 Mar 2020

About the webcast

Next Generation Audio for Accessibility is the first episode in our Content for All, Television for All webcast series.  It explores the challenges, advances and evolutions in the technologies that surround accessibility.

David Bradshaw, the chairman of our Accessibility working group is joined by Simon Tuff, BBC’s Principal Technologist and co-Chair of the FAME Audio Sub-Group, Rupert Brun, Fraunhofer’s Broadcast Consultant, John Paton, RNIB’s Innovation and Technology Officer, and Lauren Ward, BBC R&D’s Audio Research Engineer.

Speakers include

David Bradshaw

DTG Accessibility Group Chairman

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Simon Tuff

Principal Technologist, BBC and co-Chair of FAME Audio Sub-Group

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Rupert Brun

Broadacast Consultant, Fraunhofer

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John Paton

Innovation and Technology Officer, RNIB

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Lauren Ward

Audio Research Engineer

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