1 hour, 6 minutes
Originally shown: 29 Apr 2020

About the webcast

Staycations and CE Devices is the concluding webcast in our COVID-19 research webcast series. In it we consider what will happen to the electronics hardware market in 2020 in light of the current pandemic.

Join our CEO, Richard Lindsay-Davies, Futuresource’s Principal Analyst for Home Electronics, Jack Wetherill, DTG Testing’s Head of Delivery, Ranjeet Kaur and Retra’s CEO, Howard Saycell, to take a deep dive into the findings.

Speakers include

Richard Lindsay-Davies

Chief Executive, DTG

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Jack Wetherill

Prinicpal Analyst for Home Electronics, Futuresource

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Ranjeet Kaur

Head of Delivery, DTG Testing

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Howard Saycell

Chief Executive Officer, Retra

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