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What is the D-Book?

The D-Book is the technical specification for all UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) based platforms including Freeview Play, Freeview HD, YouView, EETV, Now TV, Freesat, and several international adaptations such as Freeview Australia. The D-Book defines the DTT platforms in the UK and provides requirements for interoperability in clear, unambiguous language. Based on international standards it is produced by a collaborative approach of industry experts and only includes features where there is a guarantee or shared wish to implement on the platform. Where appropriate it delivers harmonisation with other international bodies, enabling manufacturers and service providers to deliver products to market.

How often is the D-Book updated?

The technical specification is updated annually to keep up with the pace of development in UK DTT.

Who produces the D-Book?

The DTG has published and maintained the D-Book for over two decades and is compiled by DTG Working Groups comprising DTG staff and Members who update and peer-review the specification.

Who tests against the standards set out in the D-Book?

DTG Testing, the industry’s not-for-profit test centre, continues to offer Conformance Tests and testing services in support of Freeview HD, Freeview Play and HbbTV.

Who requires the D-Book?

  • Any TV or set top box manufacturer who wishes to enter the UK market
  • UK Broadcasters
  • UK encoders
  • Audio video content providers
  • Test equipment providers
  • Broadcast equipment providers


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